TempSure Firm

Through no fault of our own, our bodies may not look the way they did when we were younger. Cellulite, stretch marks, and other imperfections make their home on our bodies as we age, interfering with our vision of our ideal appearance. Fortunately, a device can firm up your body and fade those imperfections without surgery or downtime. It’s called TempSure Firm.

How Does TempSure Firm Work?

If you’re familiar with how TempSure Envi works, imagine that for your whole body, not just your face. If you’re not familiar with TempSure, it’s a device that uses radiofrequency technology to trick your body into thinking your skin is injured, stimulating collagen production which tightens the skin and makes it more supple and youthful. TempSure Firm includes a special handpiece formulated for the body that lets us target areas like the belly, arms, and buttocks to firm up and smooth out skin in those areas.

What Does TempSure Firm Feel Like?

TempSure Firm heats your target areas to a specific temperature for a short, predetermined amount of time to stimulate collagen. The heating and cooling sensations that result are not painful, nor are the gentle vibrations that accompany them. Depending on the size of the area you wish to treat and the severity of your condition, this process usually takes up to an hour.

Am I a Good Candidate TempSure Firm?

Just about anyone who is dealing with loose skin, stretch marks, cellulite or similar skin issues virtually anywhere on their body can be a good candidate. It works on nearly all skin types, for both sexes of a variety of ages, and is a great natural alternative to surgical skin tightening methods.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

You may see a marked reduction in the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and sagging skin almost immediately after treatment. Over the next few weeks, as collagen production continues to ramp up, you should see progressively better results. The doctor can tell you the number of recommended treatments to optimize your results during your consultation.

Revive Skincare Clinic for TempSure Firm Near Orlando, FL

Here at Revive Skincare Clinic, we happily offer innovative aesthetic treatments under the supervision of Dr. Boger, a highly skilled ENT physician who has served the Winter Park, Florida community for nearly 20 years. Our TempSure Firm treatments can give you excellent results with little to no downtime. Get in touch with our center today by calling us at 407-794-0094.