Acne Vulgaris, otherwise known as common acne, is a condition we’re all familiar with. Every one of us has had a pimple or two, particularly during our teenage years while our hormones were running high. Such outbreaks include red, raised bumps (papules), white headed spots (whiteheads), or black spots (blackheads) that appear on our skin, often on the face, and mar our appearance for days. This condition often goes away on its own, but if it heals improperly it can lead to permanent acne scars.

What Causes Acne?

Acne happens when pores become clogged. Sebum, a necessary oil in your skin, can get into a pore, combine with dead skin cells and other debris, seal up the pore, and create an irritation. When clogs called comedones are open to the air at the top, they appear as blackheads. When closed, they appear as whiteheads. When they form red, pus-tipped bumps, they are called pimples.

How Is Acne Treated?

Some ways to reduce acne involve changing your diet and reducing stress. However, often, you are at the mercy of your biology. Regular washing and using over the counter pads or creams can help, but for serious cases, you may need greater intervention. If your outbreaks are frequent and severe, or if you are concerned about scars, come to Revive Skincare, where we can discuss advanced acne treatment options such as ICON Laser resurfacing (ThreeForMe) or Potenza radiofrequency microneedling.

Featured Acne Treatment

ICON ThreeForMeTM is a treatment in which we use the amazing ICON laser to treat three major skin concerns: sun-damaged or discolored skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and imperfections like spider veins. Rather than having you come in for multiple procedures, we can address more than one skin concern with this one treatment.

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