Age Spots

Age spots, or sun spots, are those little brown marks that may appear on your face, hands, or skin over time. They are called sun spots because ultraviolet rays from the sun accelerate their appearance, and age spots because they are more likely to show up in greater numbers as you age, from 30 years old on. Most people don’t like having these spots, because they are blemishes that mar the complexion and are considered a sign of aging.

What Causes Age Spots?

These spots, along with other skin pigmentation problems, are a consequence of overactive cells that produce melanin, which gives the skin its color. These “pools” of melanin appear in the form of brown spots. Ultraviolet light exacerbates the condition, which occurs naturally in many people as they grow older.

How Can These Spots Be Treated?

Your first step should be to ensure that areas where you are prone to getting spots are protected from the sun. Whenever you go out into direct sunlight, protect yourself with SPF 50+  sunscreen, as well as by wearing a wide-brimmed hat. For your current spots, we at Revive have treatments that can help, including the ICON Laser and Potenza RF microneedling, non-invasive treatments that allow younger, smoother skin to surface and blemishes to flake off without the use of chemical peels or surgery.

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