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Pillow Face from Filler – Why It Happens and How to Avoid It

As we age, the face is the first area of the body that noticeably changes. Several normal functions of aging cause this, including loss of fat, laxity of the skin, and reduced collagen production, all of which conspire to keep us looking our age or older. Of course, there are several treatments to reverse this aging process, at least temporarily, and one of the most effective is injectable fillers.

However, if you are new to the cosmetic filler world, you may be concerned about some horror stories you’ve heard and seen throughout the years. Most of these revolve around the unfortunate overuse of fillers that can lead to dramatic and unattractive facial features. These overdone faces look like caricatures of the person’s former self. There are two possible reasons for this, both revolving around the overuse of filler. First is the inexperience of the injector, while the other is the patient’s desire to have a more dramatic look. Either way, the result is not ideal.

What is Pillow Face?

Pillow face is the colloquial term for the “stuffed” look many patients ultimately experience when a filler is overused.

Filler is used in various parts of the face to increase fullness and gradually fill sunken areas resulting from age, medical treatments, or disease. The goal is to return patients to a youthful look. However, when overused or injected without knowledge of anatomy and results, this volume can increase to where the treated area looks puffy and unnatural.

There are several reasons why these inferior results have become so common, not least of which is the inexperience of the injector. However, rather than dwell on the problem, let’s discuss why a highly experienced injector like Dr. Boger, a medical doctor, can reduce the likelihood of experiencing pillow face, amongst other issues. Ultimately, it comes down to patience and the desire for a long-term relationship versus quick results, both on the part of the injector and the patient. When many of us begin a new face care regimen, we want immediate and dramatic results. This often leads to overfilling the face. However, Dr. Boger prides himself and his practice on being different from a typical Medspa in that we are looking to achieve natural results, even if the first treatment is more conservative.

Stimulating Collagen Production

As mentioned above, collagen production decreases with age. This happens around the body but is often most visible in the face. This lack of collagen usually accentuates a patient’s age and facial lines. While it may be tempting to overfill to combat these concerns, it’s also worth noting that some fillers are proven to increase collagen production over time by stretching what are known as fibroblasts. Therefore, while you will see the immediate results of the injection, you will also experience continued results as the body produces more collagen. As such, an injector with strong knowledge of anatomy, like a medical doctor, can best predict the effects of filler and typically use less while still achieving excellent results.

We encourage you to schedule a free consultation here at Revive to learn more about Dr. Boger’s significant experience with fillers and other injectable anti-aging treatments. We look forward to seeing you in the office soon!