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Is There Any Difference Between Botox® and Jeuveau®?

Woman getting injections into eyebrow

Botox and Jeuveau are different brand names for a similar product that uses botulinum toxin to paralyze facial muscle muscles and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. When Botox was first approved in 2002, it ushered in a revolution in aesthetic treatment. It was a comparatively affordable and accessible alternative to cosmetic surgical procedures in patients with mild to moderate lines and showed excellent safety results with good durability.

Jeuveau, the brand name of botulinum toxin marketed by Evolus, uses the same basic concept of paralyzing facial muscles and was FDA approved in 2019.

While the names are different, ultimately, both brands have similar efficacy in temporarily reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face when used appropriately. Both are injected in the same quantities depending on the treatment area. This is usually measured in units; So, for example, 20 units of Botox is the same as 20 units of Jeuveau.

Dr. Boger prefers Jeuveau here at Revive Skin Care Clinic because while the results are similar, Jeuveau seems to have a slight edge on durability (how long the treatments last). Whereas the typical course of Botox will last between three and four months, we have seen Jeuveau last somewhat longer and up to five months between treatments. Jeuveau also tends to be less expensive than Botox, with similar results, a benefit we pass on to our patients.

As a side note, Botox is also approved for several medical purposes, including migraine management. In fact, Dr. Boger uses Botox for this purpose with great success in his ENT practice.

Does the Brand Matter?

Ultimately, there is little difference in effectiveness between the brands, while the cost differential can be somewhat more favorable to Jeuveau. However, how you approach your toxin injection regimen makes the most significant difference. Here are a few tips and tricks to maximize results:

  1. Starting early. Consider initiating your Botox regimen in your early 30s or even late 20s (or as soon as possible). You are unlikely to have a significant wrinkling at this point, and your frown lines may only just be starting to appear. However, this is truly the best time to start. By starting early, you reduce the cumulative use of the muscles in your face and ultimately set the stage for fewer wrinkles in the future. Also, treating fine lines at their earliest stages prevents them from progressing, which ultimately makes your toxin injections more effective.
  2. Start slow. One of the most significant barriers to those considering toxin injections is the ubiquitous horror story of someone who botched their Botox and had no facial movement. While many of these stories are overhyped, there is truth to the overuse of Botox. For some, the desire for quick results can lead to unnatural-looking results. Dr. Boger believes precisely the opposite and tends to begin with a conservative injection schedule and adjust as necessary over time. By starting slowly, we better understand how your face will accept the toxin and walk the line between significant results while maintaining a natural look.
  3. Treat regularly. We often schedule a follow-up toxin injection about 3 months after your initial visit. After this time, the treated muscles tend to begin relaxing independently, meaning we can space the injections further out. For many, regular toxin injections mean that in the future, we can achieve longer-lasting results with fewer treatments.

Understand the Limitations

Toxin injections are not magic bullets, and some patients with deeper lines may not see a complete resolution of the wrinkles on their faces. Similarly, toxin injections become less effective as we age. For example, patients over 60 should not expect toxin injections to correct Their age-related sagging and fullness concerns.

This is not to say that these patients have no aesthetic options. From filler injections to advanced aesthetics, therapies like IPL, Fractional C02 lasers, and Plasma IQ, men and women of all ages can improve their cosmetic appearance.

Here at Revive Skin Care Clinic, Dr. Boger is primarily concerned with educating our patients on how to take a holistic approach to maintain a helpful look. We understand that one or two treatments will not change a person’s aesthetic. Instead, we promote a stepwise process that requires focus and dedication, ultimately delivering results that we and, most importantly, you can be happy with. We encourage you to visit our office and schedule a free consultation to learn more about our aesthetic treatments with Dr. Boger and our aesthetician Anna.