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Getting Filler after Wegovy® / Zepbound™

Man receiving facial injections from provider in black gloves

These days, people who need to lose weight have extra weapons in their arsenal—namely, prescription weight loss drugs like Wegovy (you may know its sister drug Ozempic®), a semaglutide, and Zepbound (sister drug to Mounjaro™), a tirzepatide. These injectable medications put weight loss into overdrive by stimulating GLP-1 hormones that regulate appetite and food digestion. Studies have shown that they significantly increase a patient’s chances of losing weight. In fact, some patients can lose up to 20% of their body weight.

Sounds great, right? For many people, it is. However, some patients develop a worn look from the rapid weight loss known colloquially and inaccurately as “Ozempic face.” When you lose weight rapidly – as is often the case with these medications (or surgery, illness, etc) – your face isn’t immune from the slimdown. The fat around your mouth, cheekbones, jaw, and eyes dissipates too, which can leave you with a sagging, heavy look. The older you are and the more weight you lose, the more susceptible you are to this phenomenon.

So, does this mean you must choose between weight loss and a youthful-looking face? Not at all! Many people who experience weight loss and consequently diminished facial fullness with Wegovy, Zepbound, and similar drugs have found facial fillers to be an effective treatment. When done correctly, these injectable treatments are quick, safe, and effective – what’s not to love?

First Things First: What Are Facial Fillers, Anyway?

Also known as dermal fillers, these aesthetic procedures do precisely what their name says: They fill or add volume to the face, which is often lost with age or weight loss. Fillers can be made of several different substances, and they usually take a half hour or less to administer in the office. Patients can return to most of their normal activities soon after the visit.

Which Fillers Are Best After Weight Loss?

There are several different substances that fillers can be made of. However, not all work well for post-weight loss patients. If you’ve used Wegovy or Zepbound, your choices are probably:

Calcium hydroxylapatite: This firmer filler is made of a naturally occurring substance found in bones. It can correct deeper wrinkles. Your doctor might use it to fill out your cheeks and other places facial structures where more plumpness is desired. Radiesse is the only brand of calcium hydroxylapatite filler approved by the FDA in the U.S. Because of the smoothness and immediate results seen with HA fillers (discussed below), we only use these calcium-based fillers in certain locations for specific applications, and often they are diluted to improve consistency of results.

Hyaluronic acid: This thinner filler, also derived from a natural substance in the body, spreads more easily and can fill in the finer wrinkles on the face. Some brand names of hyaluronic acid fillers include Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane and Revanesse Versa. We most often use Revanesse.

What Can I Expect When Getting Facial Fillers After Wegovy/Zepbound?

This is a time for candor! Let us know whether you plan to lose more weight and want to stay on Wegovy or Zepbound, as this can affect your treatment plan.

Before deciding on your course of treatment, you must have a frank discussion with Dr. Boger about the areas of your face that you want to focus on. Fillers for the so-called “marionette lines” or nasolabial folds around your mouth may differ from those used to fill your cheeks or lips.

Once the details have been worked out, it’s injection time! Most people do not find it painful, as the thinner HA fillers are more comfortable than their thicker calcium counterparts. If you’re worried about pain, ask Dr. Boger for numbing options.

After your filler procedure, please give your face some TLC for the next day or two. This includes avoiding makeup application, refraining from heavy exercise, and not sleeping on your face (easier said than done, we know!) If discomfort occurs, you can use ice packs or an over-the-counter pain reliever. The bottom line is: Don’t do too much too soon for the best results.

How Long Can I Expect Filler to Last After Weight Loss?

As with all medical treatments, your mileage may vary when getting filler after Zepbound or Wegovy. Some people metabolize the fillers more quickly than others, and they may need to be retreated sooner. But generally, you can expect your filler to last anywhere from 9 to 18 months. Losing more weight after treatment may further reduce your facial volume, so if taking off a few more pounds is in your plan, make sure you head into your filler journey with realistic expectations. We may advise you to wait until your weight loss is complete to try filler treatments.

How Do I Choose a Doctor for Filler Treatments?

Even though filler is a non-surgical treatment, finding a qualified professional is still very important. Treatments from inexperienced practitioners can result in misplaced filler, uneven injections, or a less-than-optimal look. Dr. Boger has extensive experience in filler application and can help you enhance your facial features after weight loss. Reach out today for a consultation.