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Brow Lift With Jeuveau Tox

Woman receiving eyebrow treatment from provider in blur gloves who is holding injection

A lifted and smoother brow can help quickly rejuvenate the face by reframing the eye area and creating a youthful contour. In the past, most brow lifts were done surgically. However, today, we can do them quickly and hassle-free in the office. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, brow rejuvenation by neuromodulators has increased in popularity by 797% in the past 16 years, while surgical lifts have decreased over 50%. Patients are exposed to less risk, less downtime, fewer costs, and a lower potential for scarring. Creating a fresh, lifted brow look is easy with non-surgical cosmetic injectables like Jeuveau tox.

What is Jeuveau Tox?

Jeuveau Tox, known by its trending name “NewTox,” is a botulinum toxin used for medical and aesthetic purposes since 2019. Jeuveau Tox is one of five popular neuromodulators that have been FDA-approved. It’s certified for cosmetic use for glabella lines and has a similar safety profile as BOTOX when used correctly.

Most people are familiar with BOTOX, which has a different formulation of botulinum toxin type A but works similarly by temporarily paralyzing muscle nerve signals, causing a smooth, relaxed, and youthful appearance.

How Does It Work to Lift the Brows?

Jeuveau Tox lifts the brows naturally by relaxing specific muscles that pull down on the eyes. The procedure is the same regardless of the cause – age, facial structure, or habit. When patients receive the treatment, Jeuveau is injected along the eyebrows and forehead to weaken the muscles and elevate and open the eye area. Most patients need the same 20-40 units of injections as they may have gotten with BOTOX.

While the results aren’t permanent, they last for several months and, with repeated use, may help the brows stay higher for even longer. Though results vary based on personal anatomy, some users even report a more arched brow, a more powerful hold, and longer results when using Jeuveau versus other neuromodulators.

Jeuveau vs. Surgery

While surgical results can be dramatic, the up-front expense, risks of complications and the need for care during recovery are enough to make anyone consider other options. In addition, there is always a risk that the result won’t be exactly as hoped for, making quicker fixes like Jeuveau a helpful alternative for anyone wanting to experiment with their looks without permanent effects. While injection top-ups may be necessary every few months (with the potential to decrease over time), it’s also much cheaper than surgery.

All surgeries carry risks, such as infection, asymmetry, loss of sensation in the brow region, anesthesia complications, and more. Tox injection risks are typically minimal and temporary, especially when administered by a highly qualified injector. Plus, injectors can tailor the program to a patient’s unique facial structure for a more personalized result.

Like all trends, brow shapes come in and out of style. An injectable lift may be the best place to start for those who want to experiment with their look before committing. Tox-based brow lifts are ideal for anyone who wants a more natural result from a 30-60 minute office visit with almost no downtime!

Combination Use

For younger users or people with only minimal drooping and signs of age, preventative injectables or “pre-juvenation” may be something worth asking Dr. Boger about. Using Jeuveau in multiple facial areas like the glabella, along the brows, and across forehead lines may offer an enhanced result and potentially prevent further signs of age. Patients can also combine other injectables like facial dermal filler to create a “liquid lift” effect, taking years off in a short amount of time.

Further Aesthetic Benefits

Not only can Jeuveau, and tox more generally, raise drooping brows, but it can also correct other facial irregularities causing disharmony. Some individuals have drooping upper eyelids caused by age. Anyone wanting to create an open and refreshed look in their eyes can benefit from raising their brow. In some cases, by manipulating specific facial muscles, the excess skin can lift far enough to reduce the look of heaviness in the upper eye.

Another potential issue is facial asymmetry. In this case, we can correct it by injecting differing amounts of Jeuveau into the brow muscles. This can help make both brow arches similar without surgery and/or heavy cosmetics.

What to Expect

An injectable brow lift is a quick and easy procedure. After an initial consultation discussing aesthetic goals and medical history, Dr. Boger will begin by cleansing the area, and a fine needle will be used to place small units of Jeuveau Tox in the desired areas. Most patients will not feel pain and only minimal discomfort. While some people report bruising after injections, most are very small, easily camouflaged, and resolve within a few days.

The initial effects are typically visible 3 days after the injection. However, the final results take up to 10-14 days to become fully apparent. Once at home, patients will want to avoid extreme sweating, exercise, saunas, sun exposure, and certain medications for a 24 hours to decrease the risk of bruising, swelling, and discomfort. Other aesthetic producers like microneedling, facials, or chemical peels may also need to be discontinued for two weeks while the neurotoxin takes full effect.

Once the two weeks have passed, results should hold for 3-4 months (ususally closer to 4 with Jeuveau). However, as tox treatments continue, the facial muscle becomes retrained to move less often, building on and enhancing future results.

Brow lifts are becoming more popular, safer, and easier to get than ever. For anyone wanting a simple way to tweak their brows without the downsides of long-term procedures, now is the time to consult with a trusted injector professional like Dr. Boger.