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At Home Plasma Pen Versus Plasma IQ In the Office

Woman receiving plasma pen treatment on face from doctor in black gloves

By now, you’ve probably noticed that plasma treatment has increased in popularity dramatically. The device we use, Plasma IQ, is one of the most popular procedures our patients request. Plasma IQ creates a tiny plasma arc that burns the skin. As scary as that sounds, it activates our healing mechanism. By creating damage to the skin, it stimulates the body’s own regenerative properties, allowing it to eliminate the damaged skin and rebuild layers of skin with newly produced collagen and elastin, two compounds that make our skin firmer, tighter, and more youthful.

As with many other beauty treatments, however, this significant demand and the cost associated with an office visit have created an opportunity for home-based options to proliferate. With the cost being so much lower, is there a reason to have a plasma pen performed in the office, or should patients instead opt for the do-it-yourself option?

Efficacy of the Treatment

With any skin care treatment, we, of course, want to maximize its efficacy. When it comes to in-office versus at-home plasma treatments, there’s no comparison. The in-office plasma generator is far more powerful and, therefore, more effective. Also, because of his expertise and background in facial structures as a medical doctor, Dr. Boger is comfortable performing the plasma procedure closer to the eye, offering more uniform and dramatic results.

Plasma IQ is just one part of a larger facial skincare routine. Being under the guidance of a qualified medical professional like Dr. Boger allows you to understand the breadth of options available to you.

Concerns With Home Options

It seems like an innocuous pulse of electricity, but plasma treatments are significant in that they can cause significant damage if not used properly. Not only do we use FDA-approved equipment, but a doctor is always performing the procedure with considerable knowledge of anatomy and an understanding of how the skin reacts to different treatments. Do-it-yourself options do not have the strict oversight necessary to ensure a safe procedure. Further, user error can lead to burns and scarring on the face, some of which can be permanent.

User error is not the only major concern, however. The quality of the plasma pen sold online may vary dramatically, and it is difficult to know if the manufacturer behind the product has created a quality piece of kit. As such, results may be inconsistent, ineffective, or potentially problematic.

It’s interesting to note the same concerns for other aesthetic treatments like microneedling. While you can find many microneedling devices online, often for very cheap, there is the risk of scarring, significant pain, and even infection associated with using these home devices. The sterile, medical environment here at our office reduces those risks dramatically.

Understanding Skin Type

Skin type, tone, and the individual concern being managed all play a role in the best skincare option for any aesthetic patient. Here at Revive, we offer several skin care options, including plasma. However, some patients will be more suited to other treatments, including laser, IPL, or microneedling. This is all evaluated at the office, where we make professionally guided decisions. For patients considering these procedures at home, there is a risk of choosing the wrong therapy, which can lead to a waste of money in the best of cases and skin damage in the worst.

The Bottom Line

There are many excellent at-home options for skin care, including various cleansers, high-end hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers, buffers, and more. However, when it comes to plasma, and when the outcomes can vary so dramatically, it’s always best to visit a qualified medical professional to reduce the likelihood of damage to the skin that can be long, lasting, or even permanent.

We encourage you to call us for a free consultation with Dr. Boger, who can run through the various skincare options for your situation and help you choose the one best suited to your skin type and goals. While you’re here, we also encourage you to sign up for one of Anna’s famous facials!