Why NovaLash?

Those of us who were not lucky enough to be born with long, thick, luxurious eyelashes may spend what seems like hours at the mirror applying mascara and still not get the results that we want. For this reason, Sophy Merszei, a biologist and cosmetic chemist, designed her line of eyelash extension products known as NovaLash. Today, NovaLash is voted #1 more than any other lash company in the world. Revive Skincare Clinic is proud to offer these eyelash extensions to our clients.


Close-up on an eye and eyelash

How NovaLash Works

Make an appointment with Revive Skincare Clinic and relax as we expertly apply your eyelash extensions. The adhesive, developed by physicians, is strongly bonding but completely safe. Once the application is complete, you will see longer, thicker lashes without any need for mascara. Although it will not be necessary, if you wish to use mascara with your extensions, we recommend you only use NovaLash mascara. The extensions will not affect your natural eyelash growth, and the extensions will last according to the length of your normal eyelash growth cycle, usually around two or three weeks.

About Eyelash Extensions with Revive Skincare

At Revive Skincare, we are certified in NovaLash application. Applying these eyelash extensions correctly is a precise process that requires training and expertise. When you come to Revive Skincare Clinic, we will accurately and efficiently apply your NovaLash to give you beautiful, long-lasting eyelash extensions that will let you throw away all those mascara brushes you’re tired of fighting with every morning!

Revive Skin Care for NovaLash Near Orlando, FL

If you’re looking for a great lash extension service near Orlando, we’re here to help. Guided by Dr. Gregory Boger, we will always do our best to meet your every need.

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