Beléza by Vasayo

Why Beléza by Vasayo?

At Revive Skincare, we believe in taking care of patients with the best services and products possible for your skin. To that end, Revive Skincare has partnered with Beléza by Vasayo. Consequently, we are able to provide you with some of the best skin care solutions on the market. These products are a great way to maintain a youthful appearance and good health.


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How Beléza by Vasayo Works

Beléza has come up with a solution to the fact that many supplements and products do not have an effective delivery system. In other words, the key ingredients are not always fully absorbed by your body. Beléza uses Advanced Delivery Technology, which includes liposome layers that protect the key ingredients until they reach the point where your body can process them.

About Beléza Skin Care Products

The line of Beléza products that we offer at Revive Skincare include:

  • Beléza Liposomal Serum – A day and night face and eye solution that firstly, reinforces skin cell cohesion and secondly, helps maintain tighter, healthier skin.
  • Beléza Liposomal Rejuvenating Cream – A high-performance blend designed to fight aging triggers and restore youthful skin.
  • Beléza Liposomal Hydrating Mist – Triple protection for your skin against pollution, harsh environments and blue light.

Revive Skincare Products From Beléza by Vasayo Near Orlando, FL

We invite you to experienced the high-quality skin care treatments, products, and health supplements you deserve. To find out more about Beléza by Vasayo or to order products, give us a call at 407-794-0094 and press 1 to schedule a consultation or 2 for general information. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team by filling out our contact form.

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